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Why does it cost more than some other school trips?
How will they balance this with their school work?
How do we start fundraising and what if we can’t make a payment?
What is included?
Ok, what's not included?
What happens if my child is ill on the trip?
Can I speak to them when they're away?
What happens if they don’t get the grades to stay on at school?


What if there is a major incident in our destination before we travel?
How much work is involved for teachers?
Who answers parent questions and concerns?
Do I have to handle money?
Do I need to get it signed off by senior leaders?
How many adults travel with each group?
When do I get to meet our Leader?


Can I travel with friends?
I've chosen to earn my expedition fee. Help!
How fit do I need to be?
They don’t run World challenge at my school