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School Expeditions

Inspiring leadership through student-led Expeditions.

Your Leadership Expedition has been refined over 30 years of student travel, with an emphasis on developing tomorrow's leaders.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Our climate positive Expeditions are designed with a focus on leadership, resilience, teamwork, conservation and sustainability. Students walk away from these experiences with an enriched view of themselves and a new found confidence to take on the world.

Unleashing Student Potential with Overseas Travel

These Expeditions help students to tap into their own potential, whether it’s within the group or leading it (usually both). With a focus on leadership, resilience and teamwork.

Exploring off the tourist trail

Students may experience a range of challenges, from venturing into barren landscapes, boldly tackling treks and, at times, handling budgets and shopping for supplies.

Students will also get the chance to positively contribute towards inspiring and ethical community-led initiatives that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Find your place

in the world

We can tailor the right experience, or mix of experiences for your school.