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Sustainable travel


We care about people & planet


We’re committed to upholding a high standard of ethics and sustainability through all we do. Over the years we’ve implemented lots of initiatives in this space including:

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Extraordinary adventures with purpose

Alongside the actions we’re taking to operate in a sustainable and ethical way, we’re committed to creating long-term impact. Every traveller that joins one of our trips has access to a range of pre-departure and on-trip learning opportunities around the topics of sustainability and global citizenship – empowering tomorrow’s leaders with the knowledge and understanding needed to think critically about global challenges. This creates positive change for years to come as these values are shared and carried forward to future trips and experiences.

Our Journey so far






Impactful Travel

Our community and conservation initiatives offer students an extraordinary experience to collaborate with and learn from innovative partners in our destination communities. We’re humble enough to know the types of initiatives our students should and shouldn’t be involved with, carefully selecting and planning them to be appropriate for young people’s participation. We work with our partners to identify the best ways for students to get involved, creating a programme that’s beneficial for everyone involved, led by the local experts. Here are a few of the global goals our network of initiatives are working towards:

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