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Sustainable travel


We’re incredibly passionate about protecting both people and planet. We're also over the moon to announce that after years of work in this space, we’re now the world's first completely climate positive educational travel organisation.

Our other initiatives including work alongside many organisations such as Re-Think Orphanages, World Animal Protection, Travellers Against Plastic (and many more) to ensure that the very highest standard of care for both people and planet is being met throughout our travels.

Climate positive

We’re committed to doing all we can to operate our trips in a sustainable and ethical way. We must however acknowledge that travel has inherent environmental challenges including the high volume of greenhouse gas emissions that result from aviation. Whilst we cannot avoid these, we are working hard to do what we can to reduce our emissions in other areas, and to mitigate against those generated through positive initiatives to support the environment.

In summary, our commitment to climate positive means:

*Though the removal of the emissions generated by air travel remains an issue beyond our direct control, we take action through mitigation until such time as the industry advances to offer lower carbon alternatives within the scope of our operations. As such, emissions from aviation remain beyond the boundary of our reduction targets at this time.

Find out more about our commitments to sustainability:

Our Journey so far






We care about sustainable travel

We’re driven to create positive contributions in the world, but also humble enough to know the types of community initiatives our students should and shouldn’t be involved with. We carefully select all community initiatives to be appropriate for young people and we avoid making claims we can’t back up. This means you’ll work towards a community initiative while also coming home with greater humility and a sense of place in the world. Below are some of the global goals we’re working hard to support through our travels.

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