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We share an aspiration to inspire students to a lifetime of action, making an enduring and meaningful contribution to our global community. Our trips are crafted to fulfil the creativity, activity and service criteria of the IB Diploma through real life experiences overseas.

Our approach is designed to drive the best learning outcomes for each student, we empower them to take some ownership of daily decision making so we can facilitate powerful experiential learning.

Creativity – Students’ assumptions and beliefs will be challenged by the fresh perspective of immersion in a new culture.
Activity – Recognising the value of physical exertion in building confidence, teamwork and leadership, teams will challenge themselves to complete hikes and adrenaline activities.
Service – Students will make a meaningful contribution by working alongside communities who are already tackling global issues at a local level in five global action areas.

We don’t just get the boxes ticked, we design powerful experiences that will leave your students forever changed.

Choose your dream destination – all of our trips can be tailored to fulfil CAS

Our trips meaningfully contribute to IB Diploma requirements for:

Creativity, Activity, Service

A perfect match


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