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Creativity, Activity, & Service

Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS)

Personal journeys of self-discovery to fulfil the CAS element of the IB diploma.

Creativity, Activity, & Service

Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS)

Developing skills and creating lifetime
memories through International Sports Tours.​

We believe in holistic education that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. That’s why our unique offering, that empowers students to become well-rounded, globally-minded individuals, is a great option for students looking to fulfil the CAS component of IB It's at the core of our mission to cultivate young leaders who can make a positive impact on the world.


CAS is more than just a requirement; it’s an opportunity for students to explore their passions, develop skills, and give back to their communities. Through Creativity, students unleash their imagination, while Activity keeps them physically active and healthy. Service encourages them to engage in meaningful community projects, fostering a sense of empathy and responsibility.


CAS is the compass guiding students towards holistic development, fostering global citizenship, personal growth, and a love for lifelong learning. It provides a competitive advantage by equipping students with essential life skills and leaving a transformative impact on their communities and the world, ensuring they excel academically and thrive as compassionate, capable, and globally-aware individuals.


We provide a programme through which students engage in a balance of creativity, physical activity, and community service experiences. They set personal goals, plan their activities, and reflect on their learning journey. Dedicated leaders support and guide students throughout, ensuring that their CAS experiences are meaningful, purpose-driven, and aligned with their individual growth and development.

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