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We believe global citizenship should be authentic and inspiring. It should be experienced.

Our Community and Culture programs immerse students in far-away places they wouldn?t visit on the average family holiday. Under supervision from expert staff they get the opportunity to learn that wherever you are in the world there is more that we share than separates us, we celebrate the rich diversity and differences of other cultures. That is where we believe the magic is. It?s where we build respect, broaden our horizons and inspire a lifetime of action.

Through a structured cultural program, built in partnership with you, students will learn through experience as they are immersed in local culture buying ingredients in the local market, seeing animals being rehabilitated into the wild, visiting local temples or snorkelling amongst pristine reefs. Students will also contribute to a meaningful community project, where living and working alongside locals and their peers will offer precious insight into both a different way of living and how solutions are being found to local challenges.

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Community and Culture

Inspiring Global Citizenship

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Read more about our approach to responsible community engagement and how we collaborate to meaningfully support locally led initiatives

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Find out why elders start eating first, how traditional rituals avoid ?hungry ghosts? and get involved in improving housing for rural communities

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Awake with the Gods at sunrise, watch warriors dance, understand why Fijians won?t touch your head and dive into reforestation to protect villages from flooding

Explore Fiji


Pay homage to mother earth, try the scissor dance, trust a boat made of reeds floats and meet inspiring communities sustaining their traditional ways of life

Explore Peru


Feel at home in leather slippers and a pointy caped gown and hear about the power of a flushing toilet for girls in Morocco

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