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Ensuring Student Safety on Overseas School Trips: World Challenge & Healix

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Educational expeditions are a profound part of learning, offering students hands-on experiences in the wider world. Such adventures should be exciting but, above all, safe. Which is why, back in 2018, World Challenge joined forces with Healix. Our shared mission is clear: to oversee the well-being of every student, teacher, and leader on our trips.

Healix is a renowned provider of global medical and security services, trusted for over 30 years by organisations worldwide. They safeguard traveller’s health and wellbeing in every corner of the world, providing international medical support, the coordination of complex evacuations, and the operation of a 24/7 assistance centre staffed by experienced medical professionals and security experts. Known for their tailored solutions that cater to the nuanced needs of their clients, Healix’s reputation is built on their commitment to delivering efficient and compassionate care, no matter where it’s needed.

We craft each journey from the ground up by merging World Challenge’s extensive experience in trip planning with Healix’s specialised medical and risk insights. It’s a proactive approach, with attention to detail, that makes a world of difference when it comes to safeguarding the travel experience.

Proactive Safety: Preparation is Key

At World Challenge, we believe that the strongest safeguard for our adventurers is preparation. Teaming up with Healix, we map out every aspect of our trips, from the potential risks of remote locations to the nearest medical facilities. Our collaboration brings to life a network of support that is both extensive and precise, ensuring every leader is equipped with the knowledge and resources to manage any situation.

Each World Challenge Leader is more than a guide; they’re trained to spot and address medical concerns promptly, supported by World Challenge’s Standard Operating Procedures – a comprehensive guide that’s tailored with expert medical input to the unique challenges of each destination. This proactive stance means we’re always several steps ahead, ready to act swiftly should the need arise.

Expedition Leader

Support That Never Sleeps

Adventures don’t pause for rest, and neither does our support. World Challenge and Healix’s global teams in London, Australia, Singapore, Vancouver, Cape Town and New Zealand provide 24/7 back-up, ensuring that leaders have immediate access to support and professional medical advice, anytime. Whether it’s a call in the middle of the night or a quick chat to double-check a symptom, expertise is always within reach.

In the event that a trip requires an interaction with local healthcare providers, our students are covered. Healix’s Global Provider Network is a testament to the depth of our planning, usually with payment guarantees and arrangements set up in advance. If a payment guarantee isn’t possible, World Challenge is ready 24/7 to provide the team with the financial support required so treatment can proceed without hesitation or delay.

Healix’s specialty in coordinating medical evacuations means that if a health issue escalates beyond local care capabilities, arrangements for an air ambulance or an accompanied return to a specialised facility or home country are quickly made.

Safety Team Leader

Staying Ahead with Intelligence-Driven Security

The scope of safety within the World Challenge and Healix partnership transcends health and extends into security mitigation measures. We have established a framework that utilises intelligence centres based in the UK, Canada, and Singapore, ensuring that every itinerary is underpinned by real-time analysis and risk assessment.

Our security operations are dynamic, adapting to the geopolitical climate of each destination. This was particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, where our proactive strategies enabled us to navigate swiftly and evacuate students before travel restrictions were implemented, demonstrating our commitment to not just react to global events, but to stay a decisive step ahead.

Helicopter Evacuation

Evolution Through Continuous Collaboration

Our partnership is characterised by continuous innovation and improvement. Through regular operational reviews, World Challenge and Healix refine strategies and protocols, ensuring our practices are in lockstep with the latest in safety and educational travel trends.

It’s a collaborative endeavour that sees our teams working in close concert, sharing insights and learning from each experience to enhance our combined offering. This shared quest for excellence ensures that our school trips don’t just meet the expected safety standards – they define them.

Conclusion: The Journey Forward with Confidence

At World Challenge, the intersection of learning and adventure is the territory we navigate with every expedition. In collaboration with Healix, we’ve established a proactive environment where safety and education coexist seamlessly, allowing students to engage fully with the world’s wonders. Our unwavering dedication to their well-being means that from the spark of an idea to the journey’s end, each student’s safety is our guiding principle.

As we continue to design and undertake new adventures, rest assured that the well-being of each participant is at the forefront of our planning. We’re not just preparing students for the world; we’re preparing the world for our students.