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We’re different to your normal school trip. We believe that by empowering the students to lead their own expedition, they learn life skills through powerful real life experience. They will have the chance to design their itinerary, book their own accommodation and manage a budget, and they will take on roles and leadership of their team.

Our Expedition Leaders are always there to step in for safety and we have planned rigorously in the background but the students are given the opportunity to drive their own experience. Our expeditions are anything from 2-4 weeks and you can choose from the full range of 40+ destinations worldwide. Ready to take this on? Try an expedition.

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Own your adventure

Take on a summit

Watch sunrise from the top of Mt Kinabalu in Borneo, stand on the roof of Africa on Mt Kilimanjaro or head to the mighty Himalayas. We've got mountain hikes that will blow your mind.

Visit Continental Asia

Dive into the jungle

Feel the heat and hear the birds in the jungles of Vietnam, move through the ancient rainforest of Malaysia and learn how to survive from the masters in Borneo. Head to the jungle.

Visit South-East Asia

Feel the adrenaline

Raft white water in Nepal, zip line through the forest canopy in Borneo, track the big 5 on safari in Tanzania and see elephants in the wild from your jeep roof in Sri Lanka. Get involved.

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