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Touch down in a land of spiritual people, tropical shores and the snow-capped Himalayas. Stretching from the frozen summits of the north to the lush tropics of the south, India is home to an incomparable variety of landscapes, people and cultures. Prepare to step into the unknown.

Discover a side of India that other tourists don’t see. Feel the wild spirit of the Himalayas, the laid-back lifestyle of Kerala and the pulsing energy of Delhi. Live alongside local communities and gaze in wonder at the Taj Mahal. Experience the incredible beauty of Indian wildlife, open your eyes to the threats it faces and be inspired to make a change.

Remember, you’re walking the path towards true global citizenship. Tap into your inner potential, step forward to contribute and absorb everything this trip can teach you about the world and your place within it.

“ India has the magic mix of everything, but the trekking really sets it apart. The routes we have on offer are some of the most challenging of anywhere we go, but also the most rewarding – the toughest climbs lead you to the best views.”

Liz Tuck, Product & Sustainability Team Manager at World Challenge

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