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Our story
Our story
Our story

Antipodeans Abroad showed high schoolers, schoolies and university students the world for almost 30 years, but COVID-19’s travel restrictions and trip cancellations sadly resulted in Antipodeans’ liquidation in mid-2020.

After weathering the storm of the pandemic, due thankfully to great support from its parent company, World Challenge continues to offer life-changing experiences around the world and would be delighted to help with your student travel requirements.


For over 30 years we’ve given students the opportunity to write their own stories, make their own mistakes, live their own adventures, learn and grow with peers, and see the world with open eyes that are focused on those around them.

These experiences complement school learning, giving students the opportunity to become true life-learners and global citizens.

It’s the kind of learning that they will carry with them long into the future, learning that can only come from experiencing this amazing planet and the unique cultures that inhabit it.

Our story
Our story
Our story
Our story

A world of possibility awaits

We’ve watched on as these life changing experiences have brought out the best in our travellers for many years, since 1987 in fact. It’s perhaps best brought to life by our 150,000+ alumni that have returned home forever changed, many being inspired to continue the pursuit of positive global citizenship, from advocacy work in foreign nations through to leading world-shaping environmental initiatives.

We offer much more than a trip overseas. That said, it all begins with saying yes to adventure, yes to pushing comfort zones, and yes to embracing the unknown.

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