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We’re explorers, curious and kind.

We base our responsible travel initiatives upon the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We’ve asked ourselves what these experiences, when done with the highest possible moral standards for people and planet, should look like. We’ve also partnered with organisations such as the International Red Cross and Save The Children in order to discover the pathway towards leaving a shared positive legacy.

We’re driven to create positive contributions in the world, but also humble enough to know the types of community initiatives our young travellers should and shouldn’t be involved with.

We carefully select all community engagements to be appropriate for young people and we avoid making claims we can’t back up.

This means students work towards a community initiative while also coming home with greater humility and sense of place in the world.

What we’re thinking about right now:

Child Welfare

Local Partners

Animal Welfare

Community Engagement

Environmental Conservation

Responsible Travel

People & Planet

Child Welfare

Regular, short-term visitors, with whom children form a bond of friendship, can reignite and exacerbate damaging feelings of abandonment. In any place called home, children have the right to privacy. We have partnered with ReThink Orphanages, pledging to end our involvement with orphanages and residential children’s homes.

Local Partners

Our collaborations support diverse activities developing more sustainable incomes through artisan craft workshops and ecotourism initiatives, as well as strengthening community facilities.

Projects include developing homestay facilities for tourists, creating wildlife and cultural trails and creating working spaces for women’s cooperatives.

Animal Welfare

Working in partnership with World Animal Protection and using the five freedoms as our guide, we ensure our expeditions do not play a role in perpetuating animal exploitation or cruelty.

Community Engagement

We truly believe in the power of community engagement and aspire to a world where local and global communities come together to take action for positive change. A vision of the world defined by the guiding principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Environmental Conservation

We are working with 18 initiatives around the world to protect wildlife under threat, including elephants, rhinos, sunbears and orangutans. We are collaborating with organizations to promote scientific research in marine conservation and study the impact of human activity on animal habitats and behaviour. Our teams also get involved in restorative environmental activity like mangrove plantations and reforestation.

Our partners

We're proud to work with

Plastic Oceans

Plastic Oceans are working to change the global attitude toward plastic within a generation, affecting consumer behaviour; through informing, inspiring and inciting action on real solutions to shift the global reliance on plastic.

ReThink Orphanages

A better way to care.

Most children in orphanages aren’t orphans – they have family who could care for them.

ReThink Orphanages’ believe in a world where no child is needlessly separated from their family, and the institutionalization of children is a thing of the past.

Travellers Against Plastic

TAP is an outreach initiative which aims to educate global travellers about the harmful impacts of using disposable plastic water bottles and therefore encourage travellers to be prepared to clean their own drinking water. Our vision is to catalyse a self-sustaining global movement resulting it the near-elimination of travellers’ dependence on disposable plastic water bottles.

World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection “move the world to protect animals” by tackling cruelty and suffering worldwide, because animals have a right to live free from pain.

Today they’re working on projects worldwide – helping governments and communities to protect and care for their animals.

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