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Shaping global citizens – We know that your child heading overseas is no small thing. Over the past 30 years we’ve taken over 150,000 students on transformative overseas experiences and it’s fair to say that, simply put, we’re old, but that’s a good thing.

Our trips have been cleverly curated to foster global citizenship through cultural immersion. It’s about taking your children out of their bubbles, expanding hearts and minds through the sharing of cultures.

Throughout their journey they’ll deep-dive into local life in order to gain a greater perspective on the world around them, and in turn, their place within it.

They’ll gain new and valuable insights through local initiatives such as planting trees to fight deforestation, visiting cutting-edge wildlife rehabilitation centres, learning the art of rural agriculture, getting involved in local government initiatives that promote economic growth and many more awe inspiring activities.

Their eyes will be widened, and so will their sense of purpose, as they embark on this journey that resonates with your children, for years to come.

24:7 safety and support

We’ve navigated the challenges and concerns of overseas student travel.  The World Challenge program involves rigorous planning and preparation in the build up to departure, as well the most comprehensive level of safety overseas, so you can be assured of your child’s well-being. From the moment your child steps off the plane in country, our team of operational and safety experts are on call in both hemispheres 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


The best things in life often aren’t free. Earning it is part of the satisfaction they’ll feel when they finally go on their trip. It also teaches some powerful, lifelong lessons about money management; the value of money, how to budget and negotiate. The journey begins when they sign up and they’ll usually have 12-18 months to get a fundraising plan set up. Break it down. Keep it regular. Play to their strengths.

We understand every family’s financial situation is different and we can tell you that over 83% of our students raise the expedition fee themselves. We’ve met students who have earned every single penny, including additional spending money and their own kit and vaccinations. So we know they can do this.

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