South Africa & Lesotho

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Explore South Africa & Lesotho

Get off the beaten track on an adventure through South Africa & Lesotho.

Witness the Big Five on safari, trek by foot or on horseback through epic mountain ranges and dip in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Prepare for a stunning and varied climate with a humid sub-tropical coastline, averaging 25°C, while temperatures sometimes dropping below 0°C in the mountainous areas.

Find out about our responsible travel initiatives and significant investment into your safety.

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Dive into a world of ancient African tribal traditions. Listen to Sesotho and Zulu, dance to the drums, see the weaving craft of the Basotho people, explore remote, picturesque villages nestled in the mountainous terrain of Lesotho. Learn the respect of your elders, understand the importance of ponies and the use of goats, come to love the power of community.

Challenge Yourself

Find cave paintings on the Giants Cup trail in the Drakensburg Mountains, or hop on horseback and ride over the range into the Kingdom of Lesotho.


Meet your host community, either in the foothills of the iconic Drakensburg Mountains or in the mountainous African Kingdom of Lesotho. Get involved in improving educational facilities as you work alongside local people building toilet blocks to improve sanitation or installing water systems to provide drinkable water on site. Spend time living life their way, share culture, meet new friends.

Chill Out

Get out there on game drives and boat safaris to see the Big Five and some cheeky pumbas. You'll also get the chance to pack in some chill time on the unspoilt pristine beaches of St Lucia.

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"An amazing moment was meeting the family of Mbali. Despite the thousands of miles between us and culture difference we managed to find a lot of common ground such as sport, music and even Macbeth. Sharing stories and experiences with the locals really helped make our expedition an even more amazing experience."
Sophie, Challenger

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