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Flat river plains in the south, high mountain ranges in the north

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Seasonal with geographic variation; monsoon rain Jun-Sep. North has cool summers and severe winters, South has tropical summers and mild winter

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Namaste! Welcome to the Himalayan Kingdom. Within the small area of Nepal there is the greatest range of altitude on earth, from the Terai lowlands, only 100m above sea level to the summit of Mount Everest at 8,848m. Hiking in the Himalayas has to be an ultimate draw to Nepal and with some of the best mountaineering support crews on the planet – from Sherpas to chefs, welcoming Nepalese culture is bound to sweep you away.

Don’t miss out on everything else Nepal has to offer on expedition, from white water rapids and wildlife adventures to your engagement with communities driving improvements in their local schools. Oh, and our favourite, the momo – delicious little steamed dumpling snacks.

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