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Located at the very heart of Indonesia, Java is an island of breathtaking scenery and mesmerising cultural sites. This is an expedition for teams who want an adventure!

Trekking will take place at one of Java’s towering volcanoes or within one of the beautiful national parks. This can be combined with a brilliant conservation project plus a visit to awe-inspiring cultural sites such as Borobudur for Rest and Relaxation.

Teams can even visit the island of Bali for trekking, community-based projects and to chill out.

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What happens on expedition

Build your adventure


Spend your first day in the city of Denpasar or Yogyakarta before heading out to a nearby national park or temple complex. Explore the trail networks and get used to carrying your rucksack in the heat before embarking on your main trek.

Challenge Yourself

Choose from a variety of exhilarating volcano treks! Options include exploring the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park where you can tackle the summit of Gunung Bromo or you might like to hike the mountain trails to the crater lake of Kawah Ijen.


There are a variety of project opportunities in Java. You might find yourself working with a conservation organisation which cares for Java’s local flora and fauna or you may complete your project within a local community.

Chill Out

Java has so much to offer! Shop for souvenirs at the local markets, explore Java’s cultural capital of Yogyakarta, experience the magnificent temples of Borobudur and Prambanan, and possibly even spend a few days in Bali, relaxing on the beaches and in thermal pools, or exploring the markets and temples.


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"“The best moment was reaching the Semeru summit. It was amazing, with stunning views, and an incredible sense of achievement. We had a lot of fun the entire trip – I wouldn’t change a thing.”"
Izzy, Challenger

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