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Your 2019 options

Choose between the tropical jungles and crystal blue waters of Belize or the wild safari and vibrant culture of northern Tanzania. Wherever you choose, you’ll join a ready-made team of like-minded young people. You’ll train together, get to know each other at your launch meeting then meet your Expedition Leader at your training weekend. We’re already underway so choose your destination, sign up and put the dates in your diary.

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Dates for the diary

1. Launch Meeting: Saturday 17th (Belize) or Sunday 18th (Tanzania) November 2018, at World Challenge HQ in High Wycombe

2. Training Weekend: Evening Friday 4th May until afternoon Sunday 6th May 2019, at Braids Wood

3. Departure dates: 25-27th July (Tanzania) & 27-29th July (Belize), from a London Airport

Your choice

When are you going?

Belize. Feel the heat - 2 weeks, £3,250

Dive into the tropical jungle of the Sibun Nature Reserve and let your expert guides teach you some survival skills. Visit ancient caves, try open fire jungle cooking and spot nocturnal wildlife on night hikes. Get involved and support local communities who are restoring and improving their facilities. Collaborate with locals to build a school canteen or community health post.

Ancient cultures in total paradise

Explore palm-tangled Mayan ruins and hear ancient tales. Indulge in local cuisine and find out how to make chocolate and hear about conservation efforts at an iguana rehabilitation centre. Relax on warm, white sand beaches, swim in crystal clear waters and snorkel on the world’s second longest barrier reef. Relax Caribbean style.

Tanzania. Get off the track - 3 weeks, £3695

Get off the tourist track and into Maasai bomas villages of the Arusha region where you will dance with the locals in traditional Maasai rituals, enjoy views of the majestic snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro and trek through forests filled with colobus monkeys. Plant trees to offset your carbon footprint and support local schools improving their classrooms.

Lions and lakes, bazaars and beaches

Get on safari to see pink flamingos at Lake Manyara, find the famed herds of elephants at Tarangire and don’t miss the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater, home to the world’s highest density of lions. Share Swahili feasts, go sailing on a traditional dhow boat, head to the bazaars and pristine sands of Zanzibar island.


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