Build your journey

Yours starts when you sign up

Every team and every expedition is bespoke. Here is an outline of what the lead up to a full 4 week expedition might look like

Step One

The launch

1. Choose your destination

2. Presentation at student assembly

3. Attend an information evening to find out more

Once we have a team sign up, you're off!

Step Two

Earning it

Let's get started with the launch meeting

We’ll be in after school to get fundraising action plans underway, start team bonding and give you a feel for your destination. We believe it is most powerful when students earn their expedition fee so we are here to help every step of the way.

Step Three

Itinerary Planning

It’s time to dive into your destination

If your itinerary hasn’t already been curated for you, you will get involved in choosing your highlights – from how demanding your trek will be and which community project you want to engage with, to which adrenaline activities you want to tick off your bucket list. The choice is yours.

Step Four

Team Training Days

Pack up your boots, backpack, sleeping bag and head off on your training expedition for 1-2 days. You’ll start to understand how an expedition feels, how a team works and what leadership look like. Our Expedition Leaders will empower you as students with the skills to make your expedition a success.

Step Five

Leader preparation

The leadership team are also getting prepared behind the scenes.

All our Expedition and School Leaders attend our Summit training event where they delve deeper into the itinerary, logistics and risk assessments. It’s an awesome day. We love it.

Step Six

Pre Departure Update

Time flies!

This update will be here before you know it and gives us the chance to make sure you’re up to speed with everything you need before departure. From kit, visas and vaccinations to how the team are planning to get to/from the airport, we’ll cover it and answer any questions.

Step Seven


We run a build-up day just before departure to ensure all students have the right kit, visas and passports

And then you are off!

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