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Earning your place

The best things in life often aren’t free. Earning it is part of the satisfaction you’ll feel when you finally get on expedition. It also teaches some powerful, lifelong lessons about money management; the value of money, how to budget and negotiate. The journey begins when you sign up and you’ll usually have 12-18 months to get a fundraising plan set up. Break it down. Keep it regular. Play to your strengths.

We understand every family’s financial situation is different and we can tell you that over 83% of our students raise the expedition fee themselves. We’ve met students who have earned every single penny, including additional spending money and their own kit and vaccinations. So we know you can do this.

It’s a team effort earning your expedition fee will force you to create networks, articulate your case, be bold and ask for help and demand a commitment from you. And when you’re sat watching that first sunset, somewhere deep down, you’ll be immensely proud. You got yourself there.

We’re here to help you do it because we know you can. We can’t tell you how you’ll do it but we’ve got thousands of Challengers worth of top tips to share.

83% of our students raise the expedition fee themselves

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Challenger experiences

We’re here to help you do it because we know you can.
Can’t tell you how you’ll do it but we’ve got thousands of Challengers worth of top tips to share.

Part-time jobs

Meet Jessica


  • $4,800 part-time job
  • $400 garage sale
  • $380 babysitting
  • $500 donations
I did a bit of everything and it added up. The key for me was keeping it bitesize and regular so it didn't interrupt my studies. I felt a huge sense of independence. Jessica, Challenger

Be creative

Meet Marissa


  • $10 price per crate
  • $4 profit per crate
  • 100 crate target per event
  • $400 profit per event
  • 8 events
  • 22 monthly orders!
Saturdays go crazy and I've eaten enough fruit to last a lifetime. It's taught me a lot from sales to marketing and hard graft; basically how to run a small business. Marissa, Challenger

Team events

Meet Connor


  • $5 buy-in for the arm wrestling tournament
  • 80 participants
  • 35 non-participants donated $5
  • No overhead fees, full profit
  • Tournament held during lunch in one week of March
"We took a chance and made up an arm wrestling tournament team fundraiser. We had teachers, coaches, and classmates involved I think we started a new tradition!" Connor, Challenger

Fundraising Tools

Here to help

Free Cash
Yes you heard us. Instead of socks at Christmas, why not ask family and friends to donate to your expedition. Head to your portal and share the link on the payments tab
Free Cash
Take Advantage
Take advantage. We've teamed up with REI to get you 10% discount when you call them on this number 1-800-258-4567 and mention World Challenge
Team Up
Jumpstart it
Jump start it. Thousands of students have done this before you, read up on their fundraising experience and use the resources to get you going
Earn it Toolkit

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