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You wouldn?t let an unqualified teacher work in your school and we feel the same way about our leaders.

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Our expedition leaders

Exceptional and experienced

The best expedition leaders in the field

While other providers employ a friendly face with a first aid certificate we look up every mountain side and down every bush track to find leaders who are technically qualified to work in the environments in which we operate.

We recruit, train and retain people who have passion for youth development, ethical travel and cultural immersion. Our leaders seek out challenge, know the risks, find the fun. They’re the first to engage but the last to speak. They’re confident, competent and ready for the journey.

Teachers and the team will have the opportunity to get to know their leader during their training to ensure they are a good match. They are always there to actively step in on matters of safety and to avoid budgeting catastrophes but moreover, they’re role models.

We believe it takes a team to lead a group so we place one of our professional Leaders with every team, as well as fully funding at least one pastoral School Leader from the school. This gives our approach to leadership both balance and strength.

Your leader will have:

  • Relevant technical qualifications and experience
  • Proven experience of collaborating with young people
  • Real life stories from independent travel adventures overseas
  • Criminal record checks
  • Excelled on our selection and training course

Kimberley ?Billy? Wallace

Billy loves leading a life less ordinary. She has spent the last 17 summers working and living in Antarctica as a field guide and survival trainer. Over the last 20 years, Billy has worked as an outdoor educator and to date she has helped lead trips to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru and Bolivia with India and Sri Lanka to come.

Mark 'Mango' Mangles

Mango is an electronics engineer with a passion for the outdoors. He has worked with us for 10 years and has nearly 20 expeditions to his name. Mango is a travel guru having visited over 80 countries and even lived in Antarctica. For fun he climbs big mountains, kayaks big waters and walks big treks. In his spare time, he volunteers with young people.

Mikaela Foxworthy

Mikaela is an outdoor educator, traveller and eco warrior! When she was at school, she travelled as a student on a World Challenge expedition to Thailand and Cambodia. Since then, she has gone on to work in the outdoors and the mental health sector, leads expeditions for us and travelled hard; backpacking solo around India for 5 months, hiking around Europe and road-tripping all over America.

Jordan Morrison

Jordan has worked in the outdoor industry since 2005 roaming the globe to see 6 continents and over 40 countries. Always enamoured with travel, he studied Spanish and Geography in University. When not working he can be found climbing in the mountains with his wife, travelling the open road in their campervan or at home sharing a meal with friends.

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If you believe in the transformational power of these experiences for young people, have your own adventure stories from travelling already and have earnt some industry qualifications, we want you on our team. Read up, reach out and sign up for a potential leader course.

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