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When fate comes knocking, history favors the brave. The journey will be different for everyone. Maybe it’s your first time in the big wide world, slamming on some hiking boots or sleeping in a tent. Maybe you’re an adventure buff but you’ll be handling a new language, cooking for the crew, traveling and growing in confidence with a team. Whatever your motivation, a World Challenge experience is sure to leave you forever changed.

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Hear what our adventurers have to say

"This expedition showed us what we are capable of, given the opportunity. We came back as different, strong and independent individuals and it has changed our lives. We were truly humbled, it has taught us lessons for life"
Seth, Challenger

"You don't live like at home. You can't just turn on the tap, open the fridge or get on the bus. We learnt to live alongside each other, another culture and a community. We found a different way of doing things"
Sarah, Challenger

"Trekking 38km in 3 days was exhausting and one day I felt like I couldn't carry on. My leader looked me in the eye and said "you can do this, look how far you've already come". I had never felt more inspired in my life. It wasn't my lack of physical ability, just mental and I did it."
Liam, Challenger

"World challenge has taught me that to have confidence I don't need to change who I am but instead not be afraid to show it off. World challenge was the best decision I've ever made and I'll never forget it"
Jenna, Challenger

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