Why parents trust us

This is their opportunity of a lifetime

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Why parents trust us

We know that your child heading overseas is no small thing. We have 30 years’ experience navigating the challenges and concerns of overseas student travel. The World Challenge program involves rigorous planning and preparation in the build up to departure, as well the most comprehensive level of safety overseas, so you can be assured of your child’s well-being. World Challenge is a unique opportunity that has a lifelong impact on young people. By stepping out of their comfort zone they come back forever changed.

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You only live once

Inspiring them to reach their potential

This is a formative period of your child's life and we share a responsibility to inspire them to reach their potential. We've met an Olympic gold medalist, a successful clean energy entrepreneur, inspiring teachers and some simply amazing people & we met them all when they were 15. They might not have known it at the time but their World Challenge experience was an opportunity that helped them strengthen their skills and shape their character. Through our ethos of student ownership, we believe we can impart one of the most valuable lessons in life & that you own your own future.

“We believe that this has been a hugely resilience building experience and has given her great insight into the privilege of her lifestyle at home.”
Martin Forbes, Parent

Fundraising support

Helping them earn it

We understand that every family's financial situation is different. We also know with the right support they can do this & we have met thousands of students who have raised every penny themselves. Earning money is the best way to learn its value; knowing how to manage it is a key life skill most of us learned too late! We encourage students to earn their expedition fee in the build up to departure and they will handle a real budget on expedition. It's a team effort to get them there & we'll help set them up with their fundraising plans, guide them to heaps of case studies and resources online and give you access to strategic partnerships. We've got a local network of challengers who have been there and done it, ready and willing to help.

“My daughter spent hours raising funds. She got back what she put in to the power of ten! True insight and life experiences beyond anything she got from education or parental advice.”
Sarah Bidwell, Parent

Opening doors

Employability and future studies

Our expeditions enrich their CV and create stories they will tell their children, and no doubt dozens of employers and admission tutors for years to come. Employers and Universities have told us that they look for standout experiences like World Challenge. It demonstrates something exceptional for their age group & their confidence, resilience and global empathy is deeper and skills like teamwork and leadership are more advanced through real life experience.

“Students often had similar academic results. But successful applicants had a global perspective and were able to demonstrate teamwork and leadership. World Challenge can give you powerful, character defining experiences to reference when writing your personal statement.”
Dan Ryan, Recruitment Manager, The University of Oxford

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