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A World Challenge expedition gives young people real life experiences, creating a space to reflect and develop in unique ways. Each student has to step up into leadership, they each have to play their part in the team. Together they celebrate their successes and learn through their mistakes.

Empower students with our 2 week Expeditions and hand over the reigns, allowing the team to build their own itinerary with our expertise. We’ve got over 40 destinations to choose from, from summits and safaris to steaming jungles and sand boarding down volcanoes, start exploring. Or embrace extreme immersion as you choose to drop deep into the jungles of Borneo or Costa Rica with our Survivor experiences where in the hands of experts teams learn to fend for themselves in the wild.


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Leadership development expeditions

With over 40 awesome destinations choose from summits and safaris to steaming jungles and sand boarding down volcanoes

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This is travel stripped back to re-engaging with the elements and our human instincts, unplugging from the grid, sleeping under the stars, cooking your foraged food on an open

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Peru is currently one of our red hot favourites, head to South America to uncover the legend of Machu Picchu, hike high in the Andes or drop into the jungle

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