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Uzbekistan offers exotic bazaars, spell-binding architecture and friendly home stays, perfect for those seeking adventure. And that’s before we mention the chance to head into the desert and the mountain ranges!

Rewarding project opportunities and the chance to explore the stunning Silk Route cities of Samarkand and Bukhara will ensure a lifetime of memories.

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Flying in to Uzbekistan choose to head to the markets to taste mutton or palov rice and soak up the rich cultural atmosphere, formed over centuries with influences as wide as the Turks, Arabs, Chinese and Russians. Head up into the stunning Western Tien-Shan mountain range, just 60km east of Tashkent to acclimatise.

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Central Asia offers perfect weather conditions for mountain trekking from June to August, and teams can explore the magnificent mountain ranges.


In rural Uzbekistan local communities are committed to the concept of hashar, where each family contributes one pair of hands to fulfil a community goal.

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The beautiful Silk Route cities of Samarkand and Burkhara are unmissable. Explore ancient mosques, minarets and bustling bazaars. There are plenty of souvenir shops too, where haggling is definitely encouraged! In Burkhara, you can enjoy a traditional meal sitting on 'tapchan' (tea beds) under the shady mulberry trees or unwind in the traditional bath houses.

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