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Southern Peru offers a mix of challenge and culture.

The Land of the Incas has a long, fascinating history to discover. From the world’s deepest canyons around Arequipa to soaring snow-capped Andes, explore the amazing ‘lost city’ of Machu Picchu or take the opportunity to visit the breathtaking Lake Titicaca.

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From Lima, you can head south towards Arequipa, where there are a number of different acclimatisation treks, two of the world's deepest canyons, and some great examples of classic Incan farming. Or head east to Cusco for treks in the Sacred Valley, with some colourful markets & ancient ruins to discover!

Challenge Yourself

In Arequipa, you can trek in the Colca Canyon (which is twice the depth of the Grand Canyon). Near Cusco, you'll be able to trek to Machu Picchu on a beautiful and challenging alternative to the Inca Trail. There are remote ruins deep in the Sacred Valley to discover, and off the beaten track Andean mountain treks in the nearby Cordillera Vilcanota.


In Peru, we work with remote rural communities. Conditions are often quite basic and you can help to improve the situation by getting involved in construction and renovation work, as well as interacting with the local people and learning more about their unique culture and traditions.

Chill Out

Explore the iconic lost city of Machu Picchu or spend time on Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in the South America and home to the famous floating Uros islands. Alternatively, for the adrenaline junkies among you, why not go white water rafting!

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""The trip was amazing. At the end of the day you sit back, watch the sunset and think, it cannot get any better than this. Then the next morning the sun rises and the team pushes through more challenges and you think, it just did.""
Lauren, Challenger

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