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Famed for its gothic castles and Dracula legend, Romania smashes beyond these stereotypes as your expedition will weave you through the majestic Carpathian Mountains, take you around the mystical Red lake dam also known as Killer lake and into rural villages still using traditional horse and carts.

Take a step back in time and enjoy the beauty of Transylvania and the warmth of rural Romanian hospitality. Stretch your legs amongst stunning, untouched scenery and soak up the well-preserved customs and traditions.

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Immerse yourself in community life and work alongside the locals on community development projects in the Transylvania region. Care2travel will facilitate your project with local organisations promoting active citizenship and giving an insight into a rich new culture. These are the stories that will stay with you.

Hunt for Dracula

Wander the perfectly preserved medieval streets of Brasov then head to Bran Castle to hunt down the inspiration for Dracula. Perched high up on a rock face, with a gushing river below, step into the mythical magic of this national treasure.

Get up close with the European Brown Bear

Visit the Liberty Bear Sanctuary near Brasov and hear its incredible story. Watch the once captive bears bathing, playing and climbing in acres of forest habitat at the world's most ethical wildlife attraction.

Explore the Carpathian Mountains

Stretching across Eastern Europe, this mighty mountain range lures you to its meadows, forests and rivers with a trekking challenge. Trek from hut to hut wild camp to wild camp on a journey passing traditional shepherds and villages in this hidden corner of Romania.

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