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Peninsular Malaysia is covered in jungle and forest covered mountains, with surrounding coastal plains

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Tropical climate, hot and humid with rainy season Oct-Jan

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Dig deeper and discover the diversity of this tropical peninsular. See the towering buildings of a modern Kuala Lumpur one day, roam through colonial tea stations in the Cameron Highlands the next, then jet out on a boat to the Perhentian islands to volunteer on a turtle conservation project. Oh, and did we mention the incredible food, flourishing markets and incredible hospitality?

Eighteen Orang Asli indigenous tribes exist in Malaysia, each with distinct language and character. Hike, live and work alongside them to learn about ancient head hunter traditions and their modern day challenges. Bolt on time in Borneo to get involved with wildlife conservation efforts, witness orangutan and sunbear rehabilitation or spend time with rainforest communities battling to protect natural habitats.

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See giant golden gods

Discover the real Kuala Lumpur. Forget the big shiny shopping malls, learn about the city’s history by visiting the Batu Caves where giant statues protect entrances to a series of temples and shrines scattered in cool limestone caves. 272 steps later and you’ll be rewarded with a skyline view to remember.

Turtle power

Team up with local conservation efforts to protect precious turtle breeding beaches. Head to the Perhentian Islands and understand the threats to Malaysia’s sea turtles before getting out on night time beach patrols to map breeding grounds and protect hatchlings from poachers.

Hike ancient rainforest

Taman Negara and Kenong Rimba are two of the world’s oldest jungles, standing at over 130 million years old. Hike out on the trails to see cascading waterfalls, cross mountain streams, explore limestone caves and brave the canopy walkway. Home to flora, fauna and wildlife big and small, keep your eyes peeled for the largest flower in the world and teeny luminescent dwarf fungi.

Raft the Kampar River

Take on Malaysia’s white water. Enjoy the thrill of tackling exciting rapids, floating downriver in your raft surrounded by lush rainforest. If you’ve never done this before, now is the time to go for it.

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"The turtle conservation project was absolutely amazing. Patrolling the beaches at night, collecting eggs as the mother turtle is laying them and releasing baby hatchlings into the sea is something I will never forget!"
Yasmin, Challenger