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Dense jungle and tropical coastline with numerous islands

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High humidity and tropical temperatures

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Laid back and lush, Belize is home to tropical beaches, dense jungles and a seamless clash of Caribbean and Latino cultures. Hail a water taxi and head over to the beautiful Cayes, little islands dotted in the Caribbean Sea, and chill out on white sandy beaches or dive in to snorkel amongst the stunning coral reefs. Take on the jungle on the Indian Creek Trail, learning survival skills and completing river crossings as you go, or head to Cockscomb basin and spot wildlife tracks on your way to the waterfalls.

Trek and chill but don’t miss the relaxed mix of Belizean, Creole, Mestizo and Mayan cultures. A friendly hospitality permeates life in this tiny little pocket of the world, as does ancient Mayan history. An expedition to Belize packs a lot of punch for such a small place.

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