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Hear what our adventurers have to say

"Despite the thousands of miles between us we found so much common ground with our host community – such as sport, music and even Macbeth. Sharing stories was a highlight!"
Emma, Challenger

"It was a once in a lifetime experience and one I’ll never forget – absolutely incredible!"
Emmeline – Challenger

"The Mwandi community engagement phase was raw, eye opening and full of learning and laughter."
Kate, Challenger

"Where do I start? It’s the little things that I remember, like being invited to a Burmese wedding, a porter who had the most amazing and infectious laugh and feeding an old elephant banana stems straight into its mouth."
Ellie, Challenger

""My favorite place EVER was Bario in Sarawak. This was where we did our hike and our project phase. To get there we had to fly and it was a little, isolated place which I just adored!""
Jade, Challenger