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Dear Students and Parents,

In March 2020, students from The Country Day School will be taking part in a unique student-led expedition program with World Challenge, heading to Southern Peru to immerse themselves in a program of adventure, community & culture. This will be our 1st expedition with World Challenge Expeditions, and we look forward to providing this exciting opportunity to our students.

As a school we thoroughly recognize the need for a variety of educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom and promote intellectual curiosity, individual responsibility and respectful interaction. We also believe that by achieving goals and overcoming adversity, our students will be encouraged to reach their potential and be prepared to assume meaningful roles in society.

The World Challenge Program provides our students these opportunities, along with allowing for the development of a much deeper Global perspective. Participating in this exciting expedition to Southern Peru directly builds upon the values and vision of the school to ensure that our community understands and engages with the world we live in.

G. Winterink & A. MacMillan


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Lead the way as your team immerses itself in Peruvian culture, travels across the majestic Andean mountains, and explores the wonder of Machu Picchu.
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We've spent 30 years preparing for your child's expedition and our focus on safety never stands still
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It?s not just about changing things, it?s about experiencing things. Wealth is measured by more than money. Sharing culture, time and experiences are imperative to building a world of inclusion, appreciation and celebration.
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