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We believe that overseas travel is one of the most empowering, life-altering forms of learning possible.

For over 30 years, we’ve enabled transformative travel experiences right around the world. These experiences complement school learning, giving students the opportunity to become true life-learners and true global citizens.

We give students the opportunity to write their own stories, make their own mistakes, live their own adventures, learn and grow with peers, see the world with open eyes that are focused towards those around them.

We’ve watched on as these life changing experiences have brought out the best in our travellers for many years, since 1987 in fact. It’s perhaps best brought to life by our 150,000+ alumni that have returned home forever changed, many being inspired to continue the pursuit of positive global citizenship, from advocacy work in foreign nations through to leading world-shaping environmental initiatives.

Our people

Pete Fletcher

Group Managing Director

Setting the tone from the top, adventure runs in Pete's blood, so does family. Pete helped establish World Challenge in Australia over ten years ago and after taking time out to complete an unassisted row across the Atlantic in 2015, Pete's been steering our ship.

Betta Hanson

School Account Manager, East Coast

Born in Italy to an American dad and British mom, and raised in Brazil, Betta's sense of exploration has been a life-long project. From a family of educators, Betta's professional life has been focused on teaching and wilderness therapy and our teams know her for her big heart.

Dan Porter

Director of North America

It's not taken Dan long to adopt an affinity with America, having lived on the east coast and now the west coast, both of his beautiful little girls were born here. Dan lives and breathes World Challenge & he has his whole working life & and he's proud to lead the team in North America.

Stuart Morris

Global Operations Director

Mountains and adventure will always be in Stu's blood, having grown through the business as a trainee instructor, expedition leader and now director. Experience in the field shapes our collaborative approach to safety and our strength comes from Stu's ability to build a growing network of experts.

Jordan Karp


Jordan has been leading outdoor trips since college, and has worked with us since 2003. He particularly enjoys mountaineering, spending time high up in the wind and snow and has completed climbs all over the world. He loves working with people to get them comfortable with traveling and camping in the outdoors in unfamiliar locales, and he'll jump at the chance to sleep in a tent anywhere if it provides the opportunity to experience new people, cultures and places.

Zack Kruzins


Zack is an avid outdoor enthusiast, educator and expedition adventurer. After completing a degree in Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism, he worked year round for a variety of outdoor education and kayak guiding businesses in North and South America. Zack first got involved with us as an expedition leader while in Australia as he travelled around the coast with his folding sea kayak. Zack can't wait for the next opportunity to get back out there!

Courtney Lewallen


Courtney has been a leader with us since 2012. She has always loved travelling and helping people in different capacities (from teaching wilderness medicine, to being an outdoor guide, and facilitating youth leadership initiatives). She has a passion for working with students and helping them become who they are going to become, earlier on in their lives. When she is not on expedition, she absolutely loves everything outside, from skiing and hiking to biking and camping!

Melissa Ebone


Melissa is a professional fun-haver. She loves exploring the wonder of the world and the goodness that is created when we come together for the common good. She lives in Colorado and loves to hike big mountains. "I lead for World Challenge because I believe, as humans, we are capable of so much more than we know and I enjoy being a part of the process of discovery. More than anything else I have ever been a part of, these trips help students discover their voice, an excitement for possibility and a compassion for the global community."

Who we are

Our Leaders

Our leaders

We’re an organisation driven by our people, passionate explorers from all walks of life who are dedicated to building the best possible outcomes for students and educators.

From world- record holding ocean rowers to educators, doctors, phycologists, ex-military commanders, operational experts, environmental advocates and many more curious folks, we’re dedicated to the pursuit of leading all aspects of responsible overseas student travel.

Your leader will have:

  • Relevant technical qualifications and experience
  • Proven experience of collaborating with young people
  • Real life stories from independent travel adventures overseas
  • Criminal record checks
  • Excelled on our selection and training course
It takes a pretty special place with some pretty awesome people to do what we do. Everyone counts & from packing kit, booking flights, talking to parents and inspiring students. Benefits include the potential to travel.
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