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Costa Rica

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Plunge into a tropical playground that’s alive with dazzling birds, electric green frogs and slow-moving slothsOne of the most ecologically diverse countries on the planetCosta Rica has two dazzling coastlines and a lush interior of misty volcanoes, remote cloud forests and jungle-clad peaks.  

There are rainforests to trek through, whales to spot and tropical shores to paddle along. In the towns and villages, you’ll discover Spanish architecture, buzzing markets and pulsing Latino culture. And make some time to chat with the locals, discover the meaning of ‘pura vida, and be inspired by a country that runs almost entirely on renewable energy. 

Remember, you’re walking the path towards true global citizenship. Tap into your inner potential, step forward to contribute and absorb everything this trip can teach you about the world and your place within it. 

“ Summiting the mountain in Costa Rica was the most rewarding experience I've ever encountered. The hardship was completely surpassed by the satisfaction of reaching the top to look down at our accomplishment.”

Darcy, Challenger

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