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You wouldn?t let an unqualified teacher work in your school and we feel the same way about our leaders.

Lead for us

The best expedition leaders in the field

While other providers employ a friendly face with a first aid certificate we look up every mountain side and down every bush track to find leaders who are technically qualified to work in the environments in which we operate.

We recruit, train and retain people who have passion for youth development, ethical travel and cultural immersion. Our leaders seek out challenge, know the risks, find the fun. They?re the first to engage but the last to speak. They?re confident, competent and ready for the journey.

Our Leaders are always there to actively step in on matters of safety and to avoid budgeting catastrophes but moreover, they?re role models.In South Africa we’ve invested in and trained local leaders, so 90% of our trips are led by South Africans.

We believe it takes a team to lead a group so we place one of our professional Expedition Leaders with every team, as well as fully funding at least one pastoral School Leader from the school. This gives our approach to leadership both balance and strength. Teachers will be introduced to their leader well ahead of departure so they can get to know each other.

Your leader will have:

  • Relevant technical qualifications and experience
  • Proven experience of collaborating with young people
  • Real life stories from independent travel adventures overseas
  • Criminal record checks
  • Excelled on our selection and training course

Our expedition leaders

Exceptional and experienced

Dave Hart

Adventure started in Dave?s backyard, the Pennines, roaming the hills with his brothers. Time with the army took him all over the world before he started leading youth expeditions and got a bit addicted (he?s led 22 for us). If he?s not overseas, you?ll still find him roaming, in his campervan with his partner, his daughters and his jack russell, Patch.

Jess Tyrrell

A qualified psychologist and social worker, Jess traded in her suit for a very different world. Jess has helped rehabilitate chimpanzees, became a white water rafting guide and wilderness trainer in the deserts of Namibia. Jess imparts some pretty powerful lessons about the benefits of connecting with nature, and ourselves.

Stuart Thomas

In a village high up in the Himalayas Stuart encountered the first golden moment of his expedition career; working with his team alongside locals to install solar panels, every single student and their families turned up each day to share lunch with them. Moved by the impact of this experience, Stuart has gone on to lead over 20 expeditions with us.

Mike Wakeford

Home grown in Cape Town, Mike begin his leadership journey as a guide on Table Mountain. When he?s not up the mountain or on expedition, you?ll probably find him riding waves in the ocean or up climbing a rock somewhere. Inspiring students to keep pushing their boundaries, Mike?s feedback from teachers and students alike never fails to make you smile.

Join our team

If you believe in the transformational power of these experiences for young people, have your own adventure stories from travelling already and have earnt some industry qualifications, we want you on our team. Read up, reach out and sign up for a potential leader course.

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