Week Without Walls

Unlock culture and community


Designed in partnership with you and your school, our week long experiences give younger students a real taste of culture, immersing them in life with a local community, involving them in meaningful project work and inspiring them with a new world of cultural sights and sounds. Once you’ve chosen the right blend of cultural highlights and community project work, we invest the time to pre-plan everything from your flights, accommodation and transport to the tastiest local restaurants and the best times to visit local temples.

We’re passionate advocates of the Week Without Walls programme and know that for students looking for a trip choice with a difference, we offer a meaningful and immersive experience that will spark curiosity, build confidence and give them as a taste for the future.

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Sri Lanka

Southern India


Week Without Walls

Unlock culture and community

Namaste! Nepal

Welcome to the Himalayan Kingdom. Pack in hiking up to Poon Hill for literally breath-taking views, raft white water rapids on the Trusili River and support rural communities improving access to education for their children. Take time out to absorb calming Buddhist temples and try the famed momos before you head home.

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See Sri Lanka

Find out where tea starts it's journey as you hike through lush, rolling plantations before taking to the water for a rafting experience through the rainforest. Collaborate with local villages improving drainage in their schools so they don't flood during the monsoon season and discover Buddhism?s most sacred relic at the lakeside city of Kandy.

Explore Sri Lanka

Our Community Commitment

We aspire to a world where local and global communities come together to take action for positive change, tackling global issues from the ground up. We work in five key global action areas where we can confidently and responsibly make a meaningful impact. Find out more.

Our Community Commitment

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