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Imagine a school trip that involves boat rides throughout Asia, hiking the trail for sunset in South America, going deep safari mode in Africa, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone as you learn about local initiatives that help people and planet, eating loads of amazing food, everywhere, all the time, while having an epic crew of humans by your side to take the road less travelled with.

Sound like a plan?


A group of passionate explorers that have taken over 150,000+ students on overseas travel experiences since 1987. We’re all about bursting the bubbles that can so easily hold us back in life, we’re life long learners and always keen for taking a good old journey on the road less travelled.

If your school isn’t currently working with us, feel free to give them a gentle nudge and we’re always available to stop in for a chat about your next overseas travel experience.

24:7 safety and support

We’ve navigated the challenges and concerns of overseas student travel.  The World Challenge program involves rigorous planning and preparation in the build up to departure, as well the most comprehensive level of safety overseas, so you can be assured of your well-being. From the moment you step off the plane in country, our team of operational and safety experts are on call in both hemispheres 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


The best things in life often aren’t free. And earning your travel is part of the satisfaction you’ll feel when you finally touch down in country. It also teaches some powerful, lifelong lessons about money management; the value of money, how to budget and negotiate. The journey begins when you sign up and you’ll usually have 12-18 months to get a fundraising plan set up. Break it down. Keep it regular. Play to your strengths.

We understand every family’s financial situation is different and we can tell you that over 83% of students raise the expedition fee themselves. We’ve met students who have earned every single penny, including additional spending money and their own kit and vaccinations. So we know you can do this.

Still have questions, head here to see if we can answer them.

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