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Your school trip to Albania awaits

Rugged peaks, sparkling rivers and non-stop adventures… that’s just a fraction of what awaits you in Albania. From crumbling castles chock-full of history to stunning lagoons that are kayaking heaven, this corner of Europe begs to be explored. So grab your boots, get your daypack loaded and prepare for an adventure like no other.

Discover Albania’s unique culture in its historic towns, such as Berat, where white Ottoman houses line the hillside. The vibrant capital of Tirana is a cultural melting pot, with buzzing cafes and architecture ranging from Communist to post-modern. It’s also an excellent jumping-off point for the epic range of adventures Albania has to offer.

Gaze in wonder at the cascading waterfalls of Osumui Canyon, trek through Tomorr National Park or grab a paddle and explore the country’s largest lagoon, Karavasta, by kayak. Your trip might also involve some chillout time on the Albanian Riviera. Hungry? Refuel on traditional Albanian dishes such as ‘pite’ (sweet or savoury pies), fresh seafood and yoghurt topped with local honey. Yum!

Remember, you’re walking the path towards true global citizenship. Tap into your inner potential, step forward to contribute and absorb everything this trip can teach you about the world and your place within it.

“ "I have gained so much confidence and resilience, which will benefit me in day-to-day life, as well as helping me travel in the future. I have explored a country which I have absolutely loved, and I want to go back their in the future! I have created life-long memories and had the time of my life."”

Connie, Challenger

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