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Stretching from North to South, Vietnam is a country packed with diversity – sprawling cities, humid jungle, turquoise blue bays, strikingly dressed ethnic communities and breath-taking World Heritage sites. Savour it all, from the serenity of Ha Long Bay to the vibrant bustling markets of Ho Chi Minh City. Rice terraces cover the lush landscape and fuel the country’s diet but it’s array of Chinese, Japanese, French and American influences offer a rich cuisine and cultural scene.

Head North to the Highlands and trek among the ethnic hill tribes, stay Central to delve into the jungle and the imperial capital of Hu’, or dip South to see the Mekong Delta’s floating markets.

If you are looking for a dynamic, culturally diverse and exhilarating trip, Vietnam is the destination for you.

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Meet the Sapa hill tribes

Trek through the Sapa Valley and encounter the diverse ethnic communities living in the region. Admire the colourful costume dress of the H?Mong people, traditionally in black with brightly coloured embroidery on their sleeves. Sleep in homestays to get a deeper glimpse of local life.

See it to believe it

Steeped in mythology, the magical islands of Ha Long Bay, the 'Bay of the Descending Dragons', were formed from jewels dropped from the mouth of dragons sent by the gods. Cruise through the turquoise waters of Ha Long Bay on your traditional junk boat, a UNESCO heritage site and one of seven new wonders of the world.

Meander the mighty Mekong

Taste fresh coconuts, sugar-cane and tropical fruits and watch the impressive spectacle of the floating markets. Known as the 'rice basket of Vietnam', the Delta is rich in nutrients generating a third of the country's rice production from just 10% of Vietnam?s land mass.

Snorkel coral reef

Snorkel through coral reefs, feel hot white sand between your toes and relax on pristine beaches. Head to the beautiful and bustling Nha Trang Bay or explore the rest of Vietnam's 3,000km coastline. Grab a bungalow on the beachfront, sling your hammock or head into the vibrant tourist towns, the choice is yours.

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"There was a real sense of adventure and exploration. Sapa was really interesting as we were exposed to a different way of living and culture compared to the main cities.?"
Ben, Challenger

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