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The last absolute monarchy of Africa, the kingdom of Eswatini, formally known as Swaziland, is home to a perfectly compact itinerary.

Good things can definitely come in small packages and Eswatini offers picturesque trekking trails roaming amongst wild herds of giraffe, scaling gorges or uncovering waterfalls. Spot Africa’s Big Five – lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino, in their natural habitat whilst on safari in the world-famous Kruger national park or watch hippos by horseback in Milwane.

Join forces with our community partners to drive the development of neighbourhood care points to support communities caring for their own orphans and vulnerable children. Get your hands dirty digging foundations and laying water piping alongside local laborers, united in your efforts to make a meaningful impact. Culture and community will come to resonate with you during your time in Eswatini.

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Meet your neighbours

Work alongside local communities who are developing the infrastructure of their neighbourhood care points, where they support orphaned and vulnerable children. Here they receive free meals and an informal education to ease the financial pressures on extended families and foster carers. See community spirit in full swing.

Be the master of the Braai

Head to the colourful markets, haggle for some maize meal and then learn how to turn it into 'Sudza', Eswatini's staple food to accompany your Braai (BBQ) dinner.

Horseride amongst the hippos

Explore the Milwane national park on horseback as you ride across African plains filled with wild antelope and rivers home to mighty hippos. Head to Hlane for Eswatini's big five experience and spot big cats with your ranger.

Hear lions roar

Bolt on a safari in South Africa's adjoining Kruger National Park for a bucket list, world class safari experience. Camp under canvas and head into the night on a wild night drive in search of the big five. Watch the sunset over watering holes, hear lions roar and watch the stars.

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"Despite the thousands of miles between us we found so much common ground with our host community ? such as sport, music and even Macbeth. Sharing stories was a highlight!"
Emma, Challenger

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