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Sri Lanka has stunning beaches, expansive hill trails through lush tea plantations, not just one but multiple World Heritage sites, beautiful religious monuments, engaging local communities and trust us, that’s only the beginning.

On a trip to Sri Lanka you will be made to feel welcome wherever you go. Explore ancient ruins of the Cultural Triangle in the North, discover Buddhism’s most sacred relic at the lakeside city of Kandy and soak up the atmosphere of colonial forts on the Southern Coast. Add in an elephant safari trip and authentic cuisine and it’s hard to beat.

Learn to cook curry as you eat your way round Sri Lanka, sipping the freshest ceylon tea as you go. From emerald greens to perfect whites and deep turquoise, colours and flavours are bursting for your attention in the gem of the Indian Ocean.

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Time for tea

Nestled in densely forested tea country hills, head to pretty Nurwaya Eliya or Ella for day treks to iconic viewpoints like World's End in Horton Plains National Park or Ella Rock. Tea is Sri Lanka's largest export, take time out to visit a plantation and learn about its journey from being picked to ending up in your cup.

Drive an education agenda

Collaborate with local communities on their education agenda to improve facilities at rural government schools. Get involved with skilled workers to install monsoon drainage systems, toilet blocks and water piping.

Take 5,500 steps to sunrise

Slowly climb your way up all 5,500 steps to the top of Adam's Peak and watch the sunrise over the valley. The sacred footprint at the top of the mountain is believed to be Buddha's by the Buddhists, Lord Shiva's by the Hindus and Adam's after his exile from Eden, by Christians and Muslims. It's a pretty special place.

Climb Lion Rock

Visit Sigiriya Rock and marvel at the ancient rock fortress built over 1,600 years ago. Climb from the fountain gardens to the sky palace, up the mirror wall to the Lion's staircase and conquer this spectacular feat of Sri Lankan architecture.

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"Probably the best moment of my expedition to Sri Lanka was sitting on a rock in the middle of the Knuckles Range, with the people that I had become so close with, watching the sun set over the mountains"
Fraser, Challenger

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