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Varied terrain from coast to forest, mountains and volcanoes

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Tropical climate with year round temperatures of 21°-29°C and rainy season from May-Nov

Explore Nicaragua

Less developed than it’s adventure-packed neighbour Costa Rica, you come to Nicaragua to get off the tourist trail and explore some hidden gems. Take on 5 volcanoes in 5 days and after you have summited the iconic jet black peak enjoy the adrenaline as you volcano board down. Bet you haven’t tried stand up paddle boarding in the lake of an extinct volcano crater either, so put it on the list. Embrace the hike up to a tropical viewpoint that has you standing in Nicaragua with views into El Salvador and Honduras.

Team up with local conservation efforts to help protect turtles or caiman crocodiles or immerse yourself in the efforts of rural communities to improve their quality of education. Either way, Nicaraguan culture will embrace you and charm you with it’s beautiful Spanish architecture and warm hospitality.

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