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The long hidden jewel of Southeast Asia, it’s time to meet the people of Myanmar.

Emerging from years of political isolation, Myanmar warmly welcomes those adventurous enough to come and explore. Home to some of the most spectacular religious monuments on earth, famed rivers, old colonial grandeur now revealed from under a mysterious cloak of secrecy, catch it quick before everything changes.

A trip here is a heady mix of ancient empires, local culture and commitment to the future. Myanmar is your adventure waiting to happen.

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Warm smiles will greet you in response to this commonly shared blessing. Heavily influenced by Buddhism and the Mon people, it's neighbours India and China have also shaped Burmese culture. And remember no patting! The head is the most sacred part the body, including for children.

Get to Bagan

Home to the largest concentration of Buddhist monuments in the world. Find a temple with a view of the Irrawaddy river to the west, or the mountains to the east, for a sunrise or a sunset you won?t easily forget.

Sleep in a monastery

Wake to the sounds of Buddhist monks reciting their chakras and share in their calm aura. Over 90% of Myanmar's population are practicing Buddhists. Every Burmese boy aged 7-13 enters the monastery as a novice for a few weeks to set them on the path of peace.

Try one-legged rowing

Hop on a long tail boat to visit floating villages, stilt houses, markets and floating gardens. On the water witness the Intha practice their one-legged paddling while they fish - a skill they have been refining for hundreds of years.

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"Where do I start? It?s the little things that I remember, like being invited to a Burmese wedding, a porter who had the most amazing and infectious laugh and feeding an old elephant banana stems straight into its mouth."
Ellie, Challenger

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