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Mongolia, the ‘land of eternal blue sky’ is filled with vast, beautiful wilderness still roamed by nomadic herders. It is a country of rolling grasslands, steppes, mountains, stunning lakes and immense deserts. Nothing here is done by halves.

Trips through these untamed landscapes are just as much a part of the adventure. Hire’ Russian Forgon minibus, ride a nomad’s horse, feel the heat of the desert and the chill of the wind. experience a nomadic way of life as you learn to fish, milk a yak, train a horse, herd cattle and sleep in a Ger.

Expeditions here will also take you into the urban sprawl of Ulaanbaatar where 45% of the population lives in a world of contrasts. Where cattle and horse-pulled carts share the road and monasteries stand in the shadows of tall rise blocks. Pick up your Mongol riding boots in the market and head out into the wild.

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Get to know Nomadic life

Experience true Nomadic hospitality in a Mongolian Ger and learn the traditions of this indigenous way of life. Learning to ride is as important as learning to walk for Mongolia's herdsman who farm livestock such as camels, horses and yaks.

Saddle up round Khovsgul Lake

Trek and ride by horseback through the open steppes, forests and meandering rivers of Khovsgul. Holding 2% of the world?s fresh water, admire the spiritual and serene beauty of Lake Khosvgul.

All aboard the Trans-Mongolian train

Catch an overnight train on the world-famous Trans Siberian railway to Ulaanbaatar. Following an ancient tea-caravan trade route from Russia to China, this stretch of railway is a striking way to watch the world go by.

Sleep in the Gobi desert

Mount a camel and head off into the Mongol Els sand dunes. Surrounded by grassy plains, these magnificent mountainous sand dunes are especially impressive at sunrise and sunset. Look out for Mongolia's rare native two humped Bactrian camel.

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"The trek to the sand dunes in the middle of Inner Mongolia was incredible, something you cannot physically experience anywhere else? I wish to go back to Mongolia and experience the whole thing again."
Alice, Challenger

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