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Prepare for the whirlwind of India. Head to the Himalayas for trekking, prayer flags and altitude, head south for tea plantations, beaches and houseboats. But make sure you dive into the golden triangle head first.

It’s not a full Indian experience unless you surrender to the immense contrasts of this vast country. Sounds, smells, colour. Vast mountain ranges, glaciers and lakes, sweeping deserts, colonial architecture, tea plantations, lush waterways and palm fringed tropics. Build your own itinerary through this epic country with so much to choose from, you’ll be back more than once.

Enjoy a cup of chai tea, spend time with a Buddhist monk, reach that high altitude pass, watch the world go by in the backwaters, jump in a tuk tuk. Speed up, slow down. Energize, relax. Get ready for the ride.

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Hike the Himalayas

Snow-capped peaks, high passes and mountain trails lead you through the stunning landscape of the Himalayas in Northern India. Whether it?s 5 or 15 days, choose between Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand or Ladakh and your trekking is bound to be breath-taking for all the right reasons.

Slow it down in the south

Palm trees frame the canals of Kerala's backwaters. Watch the world drift by on board a traditional houseboat or paddle past daily life in a kayak. Stop for a fresh coconut, watch women washing clothes in the canals, listen to the sound of India at its calmest.

Visit monks at a monastery

Steeped in Buddhist culture, everywhere in Ladakh welcomes you with prayer flags. Monks and monasteries abound, with bright white stupas peppering the skyline. Visit monasteries nestled in mountainsides and if your lucks in, you'll catch the Dalai Lama on a retreat near Leh.

Support women?s empowerment

Collaborate with the Sambhali Trust to support the empowerment of women in rural communities through the development of safe community spaces, access to vocational training and micro-financing schemes. Learn about the caste system and powerful movements for change.

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"Seeing the Taj Mahal on the last day at sunrise was absolutely amazing, as after such a long and amazing trip. It was such amazing monument."
Harriet, Challenger

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