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Take advantage of three trips in one in Ecuador as you head into the steamy scenes of the Amazon rainforest, scale the heights of the Andean mountains and reach the shores of the coast. Factor in the once in a lifetime trip to the Galapagos islands and it’s hard to beat Ecuador for it’s tempting scale of diversity.

Hike the avenue of volcanoes and top off a physical adventure with the challenge of a lofty summit. Dive into the charming cities of Cuenca and Quito to see panama hat workshops spill into streets of Spanish architecture, bursting with colourful markets. Swim with sea lions, see giant iguanas crossing sandy streets and get up close to the iconic blue footed boobies. Get involved in local ecotourism initiatives supporting sustainable livelihoods for indigenous Andean communities.

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Take it to the top

From the moment you touch down you'll gaze out over at a hikers paradise. The avenue of volcanoes offers you the chance to circumnavigate the highest volcano in the country, Mt Chimborazo, or reach the iconic Quilotoa crater lake. Take on the summit of a peak, or don't, whatever you choose, the altitudes of the Andean mountains will leave you in awe.

Explore the rainforest

Head into the Amazon rainforest to soak up the heat and see the lush green tropical scenes home to exotic wildlife from monkeys and iguanas to jaguars and isolated tribes. Your expert local guides will introduce you to life in the Amazon, learn about local shaman culture, how to sling a hammock and why you leave your boots upside down on a stick.

Follow in Charles Darwin?s footsteps

Set foot in the famous Galapagos Islands on a once in a lifetime experience. Snorkel with playful sea lions, see giant land iguanas hold right of way as they cross sandy streets and meet tortoises older than your grandparents.

Take flight through the trees

Fly with the birds and whizz through the tree tops in Mindo's cloud forest. Collect tropical fruit, eat a fresh mango from the tree and pluck a pineapple from it's bushy plant. See more butterflies than you ever imagined and hear the calls of hundreds of birds in this mega-diverse cloud forest region.

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"We had the most amazing time volunteering at a school in Puerto Lopez, teaching the children games and songs. The clapping game ?a sailor went to sea sea sea? was a particular favorite!"
Laura, Challenger

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