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A land of the remote and the rugged, Bolivia is bursting with stunning vistas, from Andean peaks to lowland jungles.

Home to fascinating ancient history, modern Bolivia still holds strong ties with its indigenous culture. Take the opportunity to live local, experience the colourful theatre of parades and processions and give the traditional Andean panpipes a blast.

Roam the expansive Salt Flats, prehistoric lakes with 300 year old cacti and explore infinite stretches of bright white landscape. Set foot in the highest capital city in the world and see La Paz’s unique cable car public transport system. Hike high into the altitudes of the stunning Andean mountain ranges and see snow capped peaks, bright blue lakes and breath taking views. An expedition to Bolivia is raw, rugged and remote, all set for the intrepid adventurer.

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Hike high in the Andes

Take on one of the high altitude routes that will weave you through the Altiplano - the high plains of the Central Andes. Surround yourself with snow capped mountains and electric blue lakes as you and your team conquer demanding trails with views and sunsets you'll recall for a lifetime. Keen climbers can scale Pico Austria, and take in uninterrupted, panoramic views from its 5,335m summit.

Witness the world's largest Salt Flats

Explore the Salar de Uyuni - the world's largest salt flat. This haunting white expanse is Bolivia's most iconic landscape which also powers the world's batteries, supplying almost 70% of the global demand for lithium. You know what to do - it's all about the perspective poses for some epic team shots!

Soak up sacred Lake Titicaca

Incan mythology believes Lake Titicaca is the birthplace of the first Inca King, so it holds a special sacred magic for local communities. Soak up sunsets here at the world?s highest navigable lake. 3,800m above sea level with depths down to 300m, ancient temples are buried deep and over 40 islands pepper the lake. Get involved with local community initiatives to improve housing and upgrade rural schools.

Actively support animal welfare

Meet a local organization campaigning to stop the illegal trade of animals. Visit the Sena Verde wildlife sanctuary founded by Vickyo and Marcelo to rehabilitate abused trafficked animals like monkeys, tapirs, pumas and parrots, and learn about their proactive awareness campaigns with local communities.

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"Bolivia was amazing; experiencing a new culture and having to find new ways to survive in completely diverse conditions ? like camping in minus temperatures at high altitude ? was out of this world!"
Sophie, Challenger

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