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Our community commitment

We truly believe in the power of community engagement, and aspire to a world where local and global communities come together to take action for positive change. A vision of the world defined by the guiding principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

It?s ambitious, so are we, and we?ve grappled with our effective contribution in this space. Recognising the limitations of our skills and the power of our enthusiasm, we work in five key global action areas. Areas where we can confidently and responsibly make a meaningful impact.

We don?t work from ivory towers at head office but through powerful partnerships that are driving community led initiatives on the ground. Our collaborations with communities are always motivated by an open dialogue with local people so we?re strategically supporting their ambitions, not ours. We?re motivated by this approach and aim to inspire a lifetime of action. We hope this is just the start.

We work in five key global action areas:

  1. Education
  2. Sustainable livelihoods
  3. Conservation
  4. Water, health and sanitation
  5. Welfare and housing

Community Engagement

Global action areas


Working within the education arena forms one of our largest and most passionate areas of activity, our students get to experience for themselves the learning conditions and challenges of their peers.

We work alongside school communities to increase capacity, aid teacher retention, improve learning environments and make sites safer and more hygienic.

Projects include the construction of new classrooms, the installation of toilet blocks and renovating teacher housing.

Sustainable livelihoods

Our collaborations support diverse activities developing more sustainable incomes through artisan craft workshops and ecotourism initiatives, as well as strengthening community facilities.

Projects include developing homestay facilities for tourists, creating wildlife and cultural trails and creating working spaces for women?s cooperatives.


We are working with 18 initiatives around the world to protect wildlife under threat, including elephants, rhinos, sunbears and orangutans. We are collaborating with organizations to promote scientific research in marine conservation and study the impact of human activity on animal habitats and behaviour. Our teams also get involved in restorative environmental activity like mangrove plantations and reforestation.

Water, health and sanitation

Collaborating with over 20 communities we are helping to improve reliable access to safe drinking water and basic healthcare, as well as better sanitation facilities. Teaming up with local communities we are helping install gravity fed water systems, water storage units and toilet blocks, constructing rural clinic posts and promoting health awareness.

Welfare and housing

Partnerships with specialist organizations enable us to collaborate responsibly to construct safe housing, social spaces and infrastructure to support vulnerable members of the community from the elderly to non-residential care solutions for vulnerable children. We feel strongly about responsible activity in this area, read our policy.

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Read about our impact

Our partners

We're proud to work with

World Animal Protection

We are a World Animal Protection signatory and are proud to be involved with collaborations between local cooperatives and the muleteers we use when trekking

Responsible Child Care

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Rethink Orphanages working to stop orphanage tourism around the world. We no longer work with residential care homes and are working to promote our shared belief in an alternative, family based care model. Read more by downloading our positioning statement?here.

Development goals

We’re advocates of the United Nation?s Sustainable Development Goals and our global action areas support the vision

Environmental Impact

We’re pro-planet. We’ve taken the TAP pledge and issue water purification so we don’t contribute to plastic water bottle waste

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