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We don?t compromise on quality, service, community projects or our leaders. With 30 years? experience and over 40 destinations to choose from, teachers keep coming back for more. Whether you?re looking for a month-long adventure, a schoolies trip with a difference or you want to give your Year 9?s their first taste of cultural immersion, we?ve got it covered. Our expedition outcomes are aligned with your aspirational school philosophy to inspire self-discovery, encouraging students to grow in confidence and resilience. From choosing the destination to getting home off the plane, we?re with you every step of the way.

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We don’t compromise

What sets us apart

Our leaders

A team effort

Ever been on a bad date? Everyone knows what that?s like. We work with some of the best Expedition Leaders in the industry and after you?ve launched we?ll work hard to partner you up with a leader who?s right for you, your team and your chosen destination. Your leader will deliver the team?s training so bonding starts early and you have plenty of time to get to know each other before you get on the plane.

“If the Expedition Leader didn?t step in, I kept quiet too. This benefitted the students immensely, they soon learned to be self-sufficient and not expect the adults to sort everything out for them.”
Naomi Burge, Teacher, Westlake Girls School


Your experience, your way

Wow. Time flies ? we?ve been doing this for thirty years! Your experience is backed by a team of experts in their field, be it in safety and operations, community engagement or itinerary planning. Ensuring our safety standards remain high and that our impact overseas is nothing but positive, we build expeditions with you to create the best combination of duration, activities and pre-departure training to inspire your team. Allow the students to determine their own itinerary choices or let us curate the highlights for you, together we will also build the optimum pre-departure programme.

“Students learn to deal with their own shortcomings and those of others, learning tolerance and flexibility. They also understand how complex problems of disparities of wealth and opportunity are and how difficult but not impossible it is to bridge those gaps.”
Suzie Chandler, Principal, Fintona Girls? School


One point of contact

You?re busy ? we work exclusively with schools and we get it. You need the convenience of dealing with one person, so that?s exactly what we give you ? an empowered member of our team who is dedicated to you. It makes it way more efficient, far more fun, personal and offers continuity to the students? development. You also need the confidence in our financial stability and robustness ? we?re backed by a bigger adventure company so you don?t have to worry about it, you?re covered.

“World Challenge have been outstanding in their professionalism, the quality of advice and speed of response both at school level and in answering bureaucratic enquiries.”
Walter Czernezkyj, Principal, Urrbrae Agricultural School

Community engagement

Your contribution to the bigger picture

We believe in collaboration, supporting community-led solutions to local challenges. We work in five global action areas aligned with the UN development goals ? areas we can responsibly make a meaningful impact. We establish open dialogue with the local people we work alongside to ensure we are strategically supporting their ambitions, not ours. Together, we plan for the long term, ensuring our engagement has a sustainable future without us and we finish what we start. It?s important to us that these opportunities are mutually beneficial, for our students, and the communities who host us.

“Our students have participated in four World Challenge programs and have never failed to return home with an informed outlook on the world, a passion to do something serious about issues of global injustice and a sense of renewed courage about the possibilities of their future and the purpose of their lives.”
Richard Prideaux, Campus Principal, Beaconhills College

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