You’re invited on The Friends School Nepal Expedition 2020

Join us in the Himalayan mountain capital of the world, Nepal, for an entirely student led adventure next December!

This is no ordinary school trip. World Challenge believes in empowering young people to be brave, curious and compassionate through extraordinary travel experiences. Your four week expedition is entirely student-led. Take the lead and guide your peers and teachers through your own itinerary, step outside your comfort zone and spark greater possibility in yourselves and those around you.

Departing after exams finish and returning home for Christmas, you’ll trek through the mighty Himalayas, connect with a local community to assist in educational outcomes, and eat delicious momos with your best friends in Kathmandu! You’re in for the adventure of a lifetime.

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Applications close at the end of the winter holidays, on Wednesday 24th July.

The Friends School

Nepal Team 2020

Adventure awaits!

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Namaste! Welcome to the Nepal. Don't miss out on everything else Nepal has to offer on expedition, from the Himalayas to community engagement
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Parents, take a look at our FAQ page and reach out to our Support Team 1300 728 568 for more information too!
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The World Challenge program involves rigorous planning in the build up to departure, as well the most comprehensive level of safety overseas.
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The best things in life often aren't free. Earning it is an important part of the satisfaction you'll feel once you are finally on your expedition.
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