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Germany & Italy

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Get ready for a double adventure. The largest country in Central Europe, Germany is home to big cities and high-tech industries as well as fairy-tale castles, green valleys and half-timbered villages. Here, you can hike through ancient forests, get immersed in urban culture or delve into the history of World War II.

South of Germany, Italy has Alpine peaks, glistening lakes and the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world, from the Sistine Chapel and the ruins of Pompeii, to the Amalfi Coast and the mighty Colosseum in Rome. Take it all in as you slurp home-made pasta and delicious gelato ice-cream.

Remember, you’re walking the path towards true global citizenship. Tap into your inner potential, step forward to contribute and absorb everything this trip can teach you about the world and your place within it.

“ The whole experience from start to finish was the best I've ever had. We met so many amazing people who changed our outlook on life when we arrived home.”

Sophie, Challenger

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