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eSwatini & Mozambique

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Head off the beaten track and discover two legendary African countries – this is a side of southeast Africa that most tourists never see. Small but mighty, the kingdom of eSwatini is a land of wild mountains, tribal culture and the last reigning monarch in Africa. Throw yourself in for full cultural immersion. 

East of eSwatini, Mozambique is a different world. Here, you’ll discover white sand beaches and turquoise waters where wooden dhows sail past and humpback whales swim in the deep. From marine life to community life you’ll be part of something truly meaningful. 

Remember, you’re walking the path towards true global citizenship. Tap into your inner potential, step forward to contribute and absorb everything this trip can teach you about the world and your place within it. 

“ The community were amazing. I made friends in places I never thought I would. We had more in common than any of us thought and I have learnt so much about humility.”

Alex, Challenger

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