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Deep down on the south-eastern edge of Africa, long skinny Mozambique holds only 200 pages in a guide book but spans over 2,000kms of coastline. A country largely still to be discovered, start in the South on the picture postcard beaches that melt into the Indian Ocean. Dive in amongst the rich coral reefs, dig your toes into stretches of bright white sand and watch slow sunsets. Get involved in marine conservation and school infrastructure development as well as taking time out to appreciate the wonders of raw nature.
A country now well past civil war, Mozambique is a country driving itself forward with burgeoning tourism opportunities and, as a hotspot for marine life, it’s contributing to conservation efforts and research on a global scale. Come see for yourself.

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Swim with whale sharks

Get involved with marine conservation as you head out into the Indian Ocean to collect data on everything from manta rays and coral reefs to whale sharks. Snorkel alongside these huge but harmless sharks to capture their unique skin patterns on camera and upload your work into a global scientific database.

Double up with Swaziland

Tag team your expedition with neighbouring Swaziland to add world class safari opportunities and the chance to take on trekking trails through savannah plains and deep gorges. Get involved in marine conservation in Mozambique and welfare projects in Swaziland to get the best of both.

Picture postcard beaches

Paddle in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, ride a horse down the beach or sit and watch the sun set in a hazy glow of colour. It?s easy to see why travellers adventurous enough to venture here are rewarded with a wealth of picture perfect sunsets.

Get involved with education

Mozambique has a young population and there is high demand for schooling but limited resources to properly equip schools. Get involved in community efforts to drive development in their schools, expanding classrooms and improving facilities.

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