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Spiny central mountain range divides the island with humid forests to the east and drier plains to the west

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Hot, rainy season Nov-Apr and cool, dry May-Oct

Explore Madagascar

Stand on the frontier between Africa and India, surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, drenched in tropical sun and you meet Madagascar. It’s like nowhere else on earth. Dramatic geography is Madagascar’s hallmark; sweat through rainforest, conquer high peaks, scale escarpments, see gigantic mangrove swamps, explore deep canyons and cool off on white sandy beaches.

Embrace diversity, choose as many different environments as you can and build an epic journey in a destination brimming with wildlife. Mix African, Arabian and Indian cultures on the fourth largest island in the world and enjoy everyone you meet as well as what you’ll see.

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Explore ‘the eighth continent’

Over 70% of all plants and wildlife found in Madagascar are unique to the island. One favourite is the lemur with over 100 species, from the ‘aye-aye’ to the ring-tailed lemur. Respected by locals and protected by cultural traditions, identify as many as you can. Look out for something resembling a cat crossed with a squirrel and a monkey.

Snorkel the Indian Ocean

Snorkel some of Madagascar’s 450km of barrier reef. Madagascar’s coastline supports the third-largest coral reef system in the world and you could be lucky enough to spot all sorts of marine life, from sea turtles to humpback whales. Dip in the water or relax on the beach. Watch sunsets that you won’t easily forget.

Experience Malagasy culture

Taste tropical flavours. Madagascar is among the world’s main suppliers of vanilla, cloves, and ylang-ylang and also a major supplier of coffee and lychees. Travel in a cart pulled by zebu. Hear about strongly held indigenous beliefs that revere ancestral heritage. Speak local Malagasy language, or failing that, French!

Trek high, trek low

Head to Isalo for deep canyons, impressive waterfalls and iconic sandstone formations. If you’ve got a head for heights, get to Andringitra and trek through majestic mountain ranges. Climb Pic Boby (2,658m), the second-highest peak in Madagascar and take in the spectacular views from the massif.

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